Kathy O'Flinn
Oil Paintings

kathy's photo For over 30 years my passion has been creating paintings inspired by nature’s beauty. While watercolor was my first medium and I always focused on landscapes and seascapes, I now work exclusively in oil.



My paintings are inspired by images gathered out-of-doors and completed in my studio. When I begin a painting, I hope to capture the light and temperature in a moment in time and tell a story in the process. It may be the warm evening light finding its way through a grove of trees and coloring them in unexpected ways; or the intense heat of the southwestern sun on a red carpet of desert; or the golden light created on a cool autumn day across aspen covered hills.



While shapes and values create a sense of space and form, color gives it expression. I believe color captures the emotions and transforms my inner vision to an outer reality. In my work I try to convey the passion I have for color--bold and bright colors. I enjoy the freedom of the large canvas. I use brushes and sometimes palette knife and push the paint with my hands to create the desired effect. I don’t consider a work completed until it expresses the enthusiasm I feel for the subject. The viewer is the best judge of that.



Recently my work has been moving more toward the impressionistic or bordering on the abstract. It is still landscape-inspired art but I strive to express the emotion of the moment. My study with Ira Barkoff and David Dunlop has helped me develop my own unique style. Painting fills me with a sense of accomplishment especially when my painting tells a story that communicates more than the sum of its parts.